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Here we offer what will and hold for the born Rat in wealth, Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 2, and .

They may even change their image so they appear well-dressed and more affluent than they actually are. The single person is likely to find love at a deeply spiritual level and there will be good communication as well as much satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment in this relationship.

UKG: Year of the Horse, Sheep, Dragon, and Snake - Kapalaran 2019 with Master Hanz

These men and women are likely to thrive in employment especially if involved in marketing, teaching or writing. There are many opportunities for changes in employment this year and those who have been wanting promotions should get them. Those starting out will be luckier than most. Jobs are likely to change as industries expand and Dragon folk could do very well and forge ahead in fields like transportation, telecom and media industries.

Although those born under this zodiac sign are unlikely to have any big money issues they will still have to ensure that any debts they have accrued are settled. Money owing should be paid off first before borrowing any more. The Dragon is unlikely to get himself to deeply into debt but he should be aware that even by making small changes in his budgeting it can make a big difference.

They should avoid impulse buying and stick to his budget.

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They are likely to find new and novel ways to secure their financial position and substantial sums could be accumulated. Cash will flow both in and out of their pockets.

These people may want to modernise their homes and spend money on the latest new equipment. This sign should shop around and not pay the highest price for such apparatus. At the time of the July solar eclipse, hold on to your hat! The winds of change are here.

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Change energy in your career could mean that you get a new job or promotion. If you work at home or for yourself, it would be a good idea to change up your office. Tell favorite clients you are now accepting new clients and ask them to refer you. Year of This is a powerful relationship year for Dragons. There are opportunities involving all kinds of relationships and partnerships. This can mean luck in your love life, business partnerships, close friendships, and strategic mentorships.

But remember that this is also a year of compromise. You won't get every single thing you want, but you can negotiate to improve your love life and other types of relationships.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon 12222 | Pig Year Analysis

For Dragon natives looking for love, seek new connections in places where people work and work out. Check out health spas, yoga centers, hiking clubs, and martial arts studios.

In addition, you can find some interesting possibilities at business networking groups and in city centers. The December full moon shines a bright spotlight on your love life, highlighting your current partnership. You may have a person in your life who has your best interests at heart even though he or she may not do things exactly the way you want or even close. This relationship will grow closer if you can compromise in some areas.

If you're looking for love, the whole month of December is a marvelous period in which to meet new and interesting people.

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Consider going to parties and charity events. Attend social events at church or spiritual events in your community. Wear bright colors, especially royal blue, to be noticed and appreciated. Year of The energy around your well-being is focused on finding balance. First, in a literal sense, this is about practicing balance.

You will have a lot of time to focus on your career goals since your daily activities should be easy. You will also have the freedom to share your creative ideas at work this year. Your superiors may even notice you! Make sure that you stick to your daily routine. Only work on your creative things in your spare time.

Year of the Dragon - Horoscope

Or else, you may get into trouble at work. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The Dragon astrology forecasts that this year you might have some financial problems. But it will clear up easily enough. This could be a great year to invest money in hopes of getting in a burst of cash. You are likely to have to deal with some unexpected expenses. So, try to save money for this. You should have some extra money by the end of the year. Test Now! Year Of The Pig Predictions For Health The dragon predictions suggest that you will feel extra peaceful in this year of the brown earth pig.

This will help you stay relaxed this year, which will help prevent many stress-related injuries. It might also be a good idea to request a blood test. Do your best to stay calm; stress is the last thing that you need. Here are tips to make a Zen garden. January will be the right month to get into new ventures and relationships.

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February will see god luck smiling on you. Do not let success get to your head. March is better dealt with if you are careful of your actions.