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Parents cannot be charged a fee for hours that are claimed as 20 Hours ECE. This applies whether they are paying the service provider or the educator. Optional charges enable this. An optional charge is a request for a payment that parents may choose whether or not to pay for a specific one-off or ongoing purpose that:. Optional charges should reflect the real and actual costs of the additional service, item or activity.

Parents must have a choice about whether they want to pay for the additional service, item or activity covered by the optional charge. They must be informed in writing that agreeing to the optional charge is not compulsory, and they must not be penalised if they choose not to pay an optional charge.

This is consistent with the ability to request optional charges for exceeding ratio requirements. As for all optional charges, parents must be able to decide whether they want to pay this particular optional charge. This must be signed and dated by the parent. Optional charges are not compulsory. If a parent chooses not to pay an optional charge, the only action that can be taken is to withhold the additional services, items or activities covered by the optional charge. By choosing not to pay an optional charge, parents are agreeing not to have access to that service, item or activity.

Parents who choose not to pay an optional charge must receive at least the standard of ECE required by regulation for their child. Once a parent agrees to pay an optional charge, and their agreement is recorded on the enrolment agreement form, then payment can be enforced. The agreement to pay optional charges must include how long the agreement will last, and what the rules are about making changes to the agreement.


Reasonable opportunities must be provided for parents to review their decisions regarding optional charges. What is reasonable will differ, but in most cases parents should have at least one opportunity to change their minds about paying optional charges. Either party may initiate a change to the agreement, but both parties must agree on the changes. Any change to the agreement on optional charges is a change to the enrolment agreement. If a parent has agreed to pay an optional charge and has stopped paying it, then payment can be enforced as for any other fee, or the additional services, items or activities covered by the optional charge can be withdrawn.

It is good practice to talk to parents and check their willingness to pay. Special excursions are outings that parents agree to prior to the excursion or outing taking place. In general, regular excursions are part of an ongoing planned and consistent routine of education and care and should not incur an optional charge unless there is a direct cost associated with the activity itself, such as an entry fee. A request for a transport fee for a regular excursion could be considered if travel is required, but should not be requested if the activity is within a reasonable walking distance.

If a parent with a child in home-based ECE has requested that the child be taken to a specific activity such as dance lessons on a regular basis, then an optional charge could be requested for both the activity if not already paid for by the parent and the transport.

Special excursions are not part of the planned and consistent routine of education and care. Any direct costs associated with the activity and associated transport can be the subject of an optional charge. Jadeja played a staggering innings — 77 from 59 balls, with four fours and four sixes. India need 32 from 13 balls.

Dhoni knows. He runs in again, and Dhoni pats a single to mid-off. Dhoni is either a twisted genius or … not. Dhoni, strokeless for so long, pulls viciously for two. It would have been four but for a great stop by Santner. Dhoni takes a single, which makes it five from the over. India need 37 from 18 balls. Henry finishes with This will be a fine over from Henry, if he can get out unscathed. A single. Dhoni takes a single to backward point to get Jadeja on strike. There was one boundary, an edge from Jadeja that raced past the keeper Latham.

Jadeja has had a few bits of luck in the last 20 minutes. But it has been an immense innings. India need 42 from 24 balls - or 41 for a Super Over. When will MSD play the situation?

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That seems an immense gamble to take. Emails to him here please, if you would. Jadeja lifts the ball to Taylor at short fine leg, but it lands just short! Incredible double-survival let-off madness! India need Reminder: Ravindra Jadeja has 3 triple-centuries in first-class cricket. Three s! Neesham gets his chance, and Jadeja pulls the ball viciously through midwicket; Ross Taylor was there to stop it inside the circle, but was undone by a nasty bounce. Two off the next takes Jadeja to his first ODI half-century for five years , and the crowd is buzzing again now as belief courses back through Indian veins.

Then the last is chipped to midwicket, but drops just short! His 10 overs have cost 34 runs and brought two wickets, and been generally excellent.

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The growing feeling is that New Zealand need a wicket, with Jadeja so far judging his innings perfectly and Dhoni, well, Dhoni. Nine off the over, which is precisely what India need from here on in. Jadeja hoists one over midwicket for a one-bounce four.

New Zealand stun India to win thrilling Cricket World Cup semi-final – as it happened

This over goes one-dot-one-dot-one-dot, like Long John Silver on his morning stroll. Key events Show 2. On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device.

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    Comment: "Swiss teen's tearful address at the United Nations no grounds for an honour. A weekly round-up of news, events and oddities from the Bay of Islands and Mid North. About players turned out for a great day of basketball fun at ASB Stadium. Organisers find they don't need a big-name band to draw a crowd.

    Kaitaia body: Police awaiting post mortem. Ruby Tauri said she was giving up her hair because she wants 'to make people happy'. Number of confirmed measles cases in Northland reach 73 and six more under investigation. A costly management and governance failure sent Kaipara down toilet but it's now flush.