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Here we offer what will and hold for the born Rat in wealth, Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 2, and .

If the planet located in this house forms conjunction or aspect relationship with other planets then other planets can influence the nature of a person.

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  • Kendra Trikona Raj Yoga- One of the most powerful Yoga.
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His desires, emotions and faith are predicted by this house because it is the house of soul. His happiness can be measured by this house. This house also influences childhood, buildings and luxury.

Chatussagara Yoga

The person develops friendly relationship by the influence of this house. This house is fourth from the fourth house. This house predicts hobbies, friendship, courage, expectations, children for a person. This is not only the house of marriage but it can also predict the expectations of a person from their relationships. Seventh house can predict the inferiority and superiority complex in a person.

This house also predicts what traits of personality a person wants to show. Importance of the Tenth House in Vedic Astrology The tenth house is the house of vocation, respect and rights. A person's abilities can be measured on the basis of his achievements and progress. Astrologers consider this house as one of the most important houses. The vocation of a person is influenced by the planets which form any kind of relation with this house. The house helps a person to get involved in religious ceremonies, and social and spiritual events.

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Importance of the 1st house - The 1st Kendra House

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If Kendra is strong then it strengthens the [ Please rate this article:. Rated by 7 people. Write a Comment View All Comments.


This an error message. Raj Yoga is also said to be the King of all the Yogas. The strength of any Raj Yoga is formed and determined when certain benefic planets are positioned in certain Houses, their degrees, conjunctions, ascendant Lord, exaltations, debilitations etc in the birth chart.

Yogas for Success and Fame in Life

There are different kinds or levels of Raj Yogas. There are said to be 32 main types of Raj Yoga and any of these can form in a birth chart.

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All of these 32 main types of Raj Yoga cannot be present at a time in a single birth chart. To indicate, some of the basic conditions in the making of Raj Yoga are:. The above conditions are just the tip of the iceberg indication and may vary. Each birth chart is unique.

Kendra Houses

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Book Appointment. Blog Hindi Blog English Blog. To indicate, some of the basic conditions in the making of Raj Yoga are: If the Lagna-ascendant Lord is sitting in the Lagna House, it gives rise to the situation of a very strong Raj Yoga According to a thought of Astrology, Houses generally taken into account for a strong Raj Yoga are the Kendra-angular and-or the Trikona-trine Houses, which are the 1 st , 4 th , 5 th , 7 th , 9 th , and the 10 th , i.

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