It's a complicated day in your social life as the sun opposes Pluto, and drama bubbles to the surface. You just want to have fun—but it's hard with all these tensions and power struggles taking place! The moon enters Capricorn, inspiring you to tap into your creative abilities.

Capricorn Horoscope | September 12222

Tension between your private and public life arrives today as the sun and Pluto face off. Traditions and expectations are changing, which can be very triggering for some people.

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The moon enters Capricorn, encouraging you to focus on home and family. It's a tense day for communication as the sun opposes Pluto—a conversation you don't want to have is here. Don't avoid it, don't play games, and don't manipulate the situation. Be present, honest, and open to change. News comes your way at the moon enters Capricorn. It's a tricky day for finances as the sun opposes Pluto. Use the tense energy to pay off a debt, or to stand firm about what you are owed. Just avoid getting into an ego battle.

The moon enters Capricorn, encouraging you to reflect on your needs in cash and security. It's a tense day in your relationships as the sun opposes Pluto. Be gentle, even though you're feeling compelled to totally dominate the situation. Compromise and transformation can be found if you don't succumb to a full on ego battle. The moon enters Capricorn—focus on self care!

Get a massage, delicious food, and some rest. The sun and Pluto's opposition finds you realizing just how much you can—and can't! Watch out for a power struggle today. The moon enters Capricorn, encouraging you to get plenty of rest.

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Big drama arrives in your love life and social circle today as the sun opposes Pluto. The pressure has been building and a major release takes place this week. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to get real about some of your friendships. Cancer season finds you in a cozy mood—but the pressure is on today as the sun opposes Pluto.

Bring in a third party if you find yourself in a power struggle with an authority figure. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to be your most mature self. You have no time for a power struggle, but here you are, possibly finding yourself in the middle of one! Jupiter reaches the midpoint of your house of relationship this month. Jupiter offers the energy of expansion and good fortune, but with the potential for pushing too hard and loss of perspective. Keep this in mind as the South Node enters your house of relationship on the 27th.

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Issues may crop up around an old, unwelcome relationship pattern. Patience with others may not be easy this month, but it will come. Mercury retrograde in your 9th house tangles communications and undermines understanding until the 20th. Mars enters the same house on the 25th giving you an opportunity to choose tolerance over self-importance.

As the month begins, Neptune, the planet of delusion and confused thinking, forms a harsh angle to willful Mars and materialistic Venus in Scorpio who are opposing your Sun. This is the astrological recipe for passion but not necessarily the kind you might be hoping for. Oh, tenacious one, check your ego at the door and leave your passive aggressive self at home.

Fortunately, retrograde Saturn is in your third house of communication helping you to find a new way of articulating what you believe and what is important to you. There is something special in the air, but the uncertainty of change may be scary. Read a book or go to a workshop that supports you in a new, more relaxed, less defended state of mind. Mercury, the ruler of your Sun sign, is retrograde in the 7th house of relationships. Communication with your significant other or clients is not what it could be.

There is lots of conversation but not enough understanding. The horoscope of the year for all the 12 signs — from Aries to Pisces.

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Saturn casts an aspect on Mercury which will help you get to the root of the situation, however. Allow your heart to become your organ of speech and hearing.

Capricorn October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Saturn is retrograde in your 2nd house of talents, self-esteem, and money. Between now and Spring, create a game plan to bring forth those talents that are more at the core of who you really are. Decide what would help you to feel free and whole and let it percolate. Money conservation and budget scrutiny are important now. Your houses of romance and relationship are highlighted this month. There is some uncertainty or confusion that needs to be sorted out.

As Christmas approaches home life — your favorite area — and relationships are positively supported. The Full Moon this month happens the day after Christmas in your Sun sign. Be with family. Take care of others. Feed and revel with friends. Expanded thinking and communication are major themes this month as Jupiter continues through your 3rd house.

Not only is this a good period to take the lid off of limited thinking, the Sun, Mars, and Venus transit of your 5th house is likely to inspire your creative self.

Asteroid Chiron in the last degrees of your 6th house , December provides the opportunity to expand your knowledge of healing or to consider a healing practice. Any health issues should be tended to now with professional advice. Benefic, expansive Jupiter, now at the heart of your 2nd house of money, will be joined by the South Node on the 27th. Start early to examine spending and saving habits that might be taking you in the wrong direction. There is plenty of inspiration at the beginning of the month to consider developing new talents or skills that can add to your creative fulfillment.

While you may love order and shun surprises, this is a magical time for spontaneity of creative expression. Your thoughts and words carry a lot of passion this month. Philosophical, probing Jupiter is reaching the halfway mark in your Sun sign where it will spend another 10 months.