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Here we offer what will and hold for the born Rat in wealth, Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 2, and .

For example, my sun is in Pisces, but my Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Scorpio, a sign I've always felt more closely connected to than my sun sign. Pisces are known for being sensitive, passive, and easily seduced. To find out if you have a stellium, you have to get a copy of your birth chart.

If you have an accurate time, place, and date of birth, you can actually look up anyone's birth chart using this link. In the left column, the planets are listed, and in the right column you can see the sign that planet is in. In my chart, the planets Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are all in the sign of Scorpio.

Three or more planets make up a stellium, so there you have it, a vengeful, obsessive, secretive Scorpio stellium. Does this explain why I've been out to get revenge on my high school boyfriend for 20 years? First, I have articles on interceptions so read these on my website. Next, the tendency to retreat and become invisible is too strong. Mars-Neptune indicates that you need to direct your energies towards championing the causes of others.

The man who founded the American Cancer Society had Mars in Pisces in the 12th opposing Neptune and, after his wife died, he championed the cause for a cancer cure. I would associate the sign with health issues. In repressing self, this often causes a slowing of the throat chakra and the thyroid. Low energy and fatigue result from an under-active thyroid — and low body temperature. See if you temperature is low. If so, this must be addressed — usually a gynecologist can order a hormone saliva test, the only accurate way to determine the functioning of the thyroid. Blood tests are useless.

For persons such as yourself with strong placements in Cadent Houses and an intercept in a cadent house, I suggest a relocation — mid-west and more western locations would bring the 12th House planets out of that House into the 1st House. I do not rely upon what some astrologer said many years ago and now every one repeats what he said without question. This is what astrologers have done without really observing how the Nodes really work. Look at the sign first, not so much the Houses. The South Node in Aries wants to you be independent, your own person and take charge of your life — like an Aries.

Only then can you return to the North Node and coordinate your energies with others without losing your self in these relationships. I call it the journey of the Prodigal Child — to leave Libra for Aries. If you stay in Libra, you will never be your own person — only what others want you to be.

That said — a friend has such a stellium in Libra, born in October , in her 10th House. She was a teacher first and this allowed her to work independently. Later, she started a small company where she worked with others. However, one partner took over and cheated every one out of the company. Neptune is there too so she did not see it coming. She is now retired and works for Hospice groups — everything is independent yet working with people. I have a stellium Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars in the 9th. Incredibly intense drive to explore ideas, philosophies, wisdom, spirituality. Great difficulty keeping my feet on the ground.

I notice most of my angular houses are ruled by planets in my stellium Leo rising , perhaps further contributing to difficulty taking action. The 2nd Saturn Return can make you ill if you do not put yourself and your well-being first and foremost! I always say that, under difficult Saturn Transits, you need to say NO when demands or even supposed opportunities are presented to you — they will only be a lot of hard work with little reward.

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Authority figures breed an inner fear, fear of abandonment, that hangs over the individual like a black cloud. The Saturnian role model in their life was weak and ineffective. This engendered a fear of authority and especially authority figures who would never support you.

The 2nd pattern manifests through a life whereby the individual cultivates his or her own structuring system, one that has no connection with what is most commonly done in the real world.

Four Big Things You May Not Know about Stelliums | Sky Writer

My father is an excellent example of this. He grew up on a farm where he made his own rules, being the oldest male of 5 children. He cultivated his own rules and these rules did not fit for others or outside his self-created world. He became what he loved — a farmer who farmed. There were times when my mother would nag him to take a government job where he could get a good retirement.

He never would have survived working this way. When you create your own unique rules and structuring system, you cannot really live outside of this type of system. There may be a fear of having to adapt to the systems of others. When these people are self-employed, they function extremely well. Outside this world, they feel like a square peg that just does not fit into the round hole…and they never will be able to fit. A well known astrologer who has made a lot of money writing different types of books has this position.

When she is older, I advise moving to a different time zone in order to get those planets out of the Cadent House. Look at an Astro-Carto-Graphy map to find her best location www. Lastly, Libra children believe everything you say about them. If you tell them that they are bad, disruptive or stupid, they believe this and behave this way. If you tell a Libra that they are beautiful, smart, wonderfully behaved…they believe this whether it is true or not and this impacts their behavior.

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Relocational astrology is very helpful here. Planets in all work in mental realms. Many healers, scientists, profilers, researchers and financial advisors have Stelliums in the 8th House so I do not see a problem. The only health issue that occurs with planets in the 8th House is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder so they need something outside of themselves to obsess upon. To be honest, the Solar Return charts never work for me so I do not use them.

Priscilla Costello uses the Ascendant and its ruler as the primary influences. You might consult her for a reading. She is based in Canada but left today for Florida she does have a computer. Sorry I cannot help more but I am not a SR enthusiast. No one has ever been devoted to me and my Swedish Student disappeared for everyone, not just me. I might consider too that he was also very young at the time…in his 20s. But, what Kazina says… that they are hyper-concerned is an important point about relationships.

In the 1st, Ceres would be prominent and I would count it, esp. But, I confess, I do alter the rules, going with intuition many times. Yes, there is a rock called Lilith but I never use it either. When you have 2 stelliums warring against each other, I consider it to be a SeeSaw chart pattern — always aware of opposing points of view and thereby becoming a mediator and coordinator in conflict situations. I think I have information on aspects on my website. I have information on the Patterns but I have not typed these into the computer.

Wow, this is a very enlightening article! And how funny a lot of people with Stelliums in the XII abound read all the comments and that House was one of the most asked. Now it all seems clear, complete and under a new, brighter light. Bouts of depression, neurosis, paranoia, eating my heart out, you name it! It was cathartic but so straining, so tiring, so heavy.

And I was feeling fed up with the emotional roller-coaster. The relocation is a new one, I had been done an Astro-Cartography chart. Thank you, Sam, for the candid post. No one mentioned hospitals and institutions, which would be gloomy and isolating — you need to GET OUT of the 12th and be with people. That is a BIG stellium with no oppositions to pull you out so you must do this yourself. This repressive indictment started during a period from through , approximately. There was another around that denotes an ancestral pattern of hiding your Leo personality.

It is connected with some fear of failure — better to hide or avoid than to fail. Everyone fails a few times in life but you need to keep trying. The 12th House rules us Guinea Pigs in life — that what you experience you share with others, either through writing or teaching. But, I need to shine so I serve in positions with many astrological and historical organizations.

When alone too long, I start feeling sorry for myself and seeing myself as a victim. All of my health issues have served to help me with medical astrology. I know more about many health issues than many doctors. If you put Eris the new planet discovered in — see article on my website and do not read the negative stuff by other astrologers at 14 Aries in your 8th House, you have a Grand Fire Trine with Leo and Neptune in Sagittarius.

This gives a capacity to inspire and motivate others through your own enthusiasm for what you are saying — because it is based upon your personal experience. Hygeia at 5 Leo gives some healing ability, especially at a psychic and psychological level. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius, this may help you develop these skills. Some of the stellium falls on the eastern part of Brazil and Eastern Australia. No, you do not have to move to these areas but people from these areas can be helpful. Actually, just moving 1 time zone can change the House positions.

It is rare that I give a lengthy interpretation. Anyone who writes for one is turned down but this is a situation that will be of interest to many readers. Having planets in the 4th House does not mean that your life is difficult. Your chart is YOU and you cannot worry about being yourself.


Letting go as the past as you get older can be difficult. Talking about your feelings with friends can be very helpful.

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  • My dad has planets in Capricorn in his 4th. He has had a good life but he had some difficult losses in his childhood when both parents died — his father died in the car while he was driving his dad to the store. His dad just leaned over and died of a heart attack. He is very close to his family because his aunt and grandfather stayed in the family home so that the children would not be put in an orphanage! With planets in the 4th, financial security came to the family through family owned real esate. But, at 94, he has outlived most of his family only me and his younger sister are still here.

    To this day, he cannot discuss anyone being ill. He cannot be confined in any way — I do not know what he will do when he has cataract surgery and his eyes are covered. This is an example of the pattern — one can have a good life but there can be events in the past as you get older that stay with you. This not being wanted as a first born is very easy — all of a sudden Mom feels like she has a bridge table under her dress and she may wonder what she has gotten herself into. As a first experience, it can cause anxiety for the new Mom.

    If the last born, Mom says — this is it; no more babies! The fetus absorbs all of these emotions, even though these emotions end when the baby is born. First, I wrote a long section on the 6th House Stellium so you need to read this. If you do not understand what I have written, please ask. Next, this period around was a time of great global change. Especially with the Mars-Neptune opposition, they can become great humanitarians but they need a example from the family or they can be lost souls. I know MANY examples of young people being humanitarian souls. Mars-Neptune can fight for others but retreat and hide rather than fight for themselves.

    That energy can transmute into great good the man who started the American Cancer Society has Mars in the 12th opposing Neptune Virgo. Yet, if they feel that they do not belong anywhere, they become involved with groups, negative groups, that give them a sense of identity or sense of belonging. With planets in the 12th, it is necessary to find meaningful work through the signs of Moon-Jupiter.

    The 6th House activities will pull you out of the 12th. When staying too long in your 12th and I am a 12th House person myself , negative emotions surface that can distort reality. When I feel this way, I talk with friends. But, obsessions are only good when we are doing things outside of ourselves — service to others, research and studies. They are problematic when we obsess on ourselves. I must confess that I an attracted to Obsessive friends because they are intelligent and interesting.

    Thank you for sharing your interesting 12th House story.

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    • I am a 12th House person myself and I can retreat and be alone too easily. A 12th House friend shared that, when she and I get depressed, we need to get out of the house. I have learned to greet people on the street or in the malls in order to feel connected. Without the treasures that they brought the Holy Family, there would be no Christianity due to Herod.

      What you should do is tell me how this fits your chart. What I wrote just about covers a Stellium in the 9th so I am reposting it here. Adding a bit, I find that, when Libra is connected with the 9th House or Sagittarius, the individual — in living too much in a world of theory and philosophy — can complain about all that is not fair. However, one young woman with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra works for international humanitarian causes.

      The 9th House needs to put action into their philosophies. You have asked some reasonable questions as I know this can all be confusing. Your Stellium by Sign is spread out over 2 Houses, diffusing the energy over 2 areas better than all in 1 House. An opposition always helps or gives a outlet for getting away from the Stellium — You can use Jupiter or Chiron but Jupiter is the stronger.

      In calculating the Patterns like a Bucket , I only use the traditional planets through Pluto not Chiron. These are the objects used by researchers in the past for describing the patterns. Jansky is my favorite on this subject. For a Bucket pattern, there must be a Core opposition — in this case, between the Moon-Mars and Pluto I use wide orbs. A Handle and Singleton will always be the most powerful planet in the chart stationary planets are the most powerful as well. It has a lot of energy and it must be used or it can cause health issues down the road.

      Watch fats and sugars in the diet, cut way down on cheese and chocolate as the gall bladder cannot process these.

      THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House : Lynn Koiner - Astrological Research

      Recreational rather than strenuous exercise is advised. Taking on too many responsibilities can cause lower back pain. Watch cholesterol and blood pressure as you get older — there are good remedies for these: Red Yeast Rice is better than drug for cholesterol 2 2x daily and Nattokinase is excellent for blood pressure taken at night on empty stomach mgs. I have an article on natal retrogrades on this website. Do not worry about exaltations and detriments — just know the interpretation of the planets in the signs.

      The 8th House is the most obsessive House in the chart and you will always need obsessions outside of yourself, making for a high level of creativity. Saturn at 28 degrees does not trust the system or authority so you would be better self-employed. The 8th House rules healing — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, technological and financial. These will be important places in your life for healing energy. How does what I have said about a 1st House stellium apply to you? What is more important is that Neptune forms a powerful Yod in this chart. These aspects cause problems but, more important, they bestow great talent once the issues of these aspects are resolved.

      It is the talent upon which I wish to focus or emphasize. Often as we get older we can resolve these issues and manifest the talents. Neptune is the Apex of a YOD configuration, made of 2 inconjuncts. The problem arises when the individual stays in an ivory tower where life seems safe. Avoid seeking and strongly identifying with gurus and idealistic belief systems. Sometimes life seems out of focus BUT , around the age of 41 years, Neptune turned Direct by progression and this is an important shift in the life wherein there is a greater focus upon something real, something that the individual really wants.

      The life seems to flow in a direction until a fork in the road is reach. This is a time to use intuition in order to determine that path that the life will take.

      Remember, there is no right or wrong, only right and left. There is no real wrong choice, just a choice. Devotion to an ideal is a major theme in the life. This patterns always indicates an important talent but one does not always realize that it is a talent initially. Neptune is associated with an intuitive healer, a defender of the socially neglected, an inspired artist or an illuminated teacher. It is essential that this individual learn to say NO! It is essential that she learn to be clear, to comfortable explain her position without fear.

      These individuals need to figure out what they want, that they actually want to be liked and they need to be supported during their periods of doubt, to work through these periods rather than stay in a state of indecision. I can fully recognize alot of my childlike qualities you mentioned above and a yearning for things to be fun and impersonal at times.. Your statement that moving into the opposite House to alleviate the Stellium overload is very articulate and an accurate expression. There are people with stelliums in the 5th who are very creative and successful but they do need a break and attachments can be more impersonal.

      I went to school with a girl who came from a very large family. Her mother obtained data when I started doing astrology has a stellium in the 5th — she never worked and her children were her whole life. Some famous musicians with a 5th stelliums had their fans and fellow musicians as their 5th House relationships. One can have children with such a stellium but, as another poster said, you will be hyper-engaged with children. If the thought of that is scary, you choose to not have children or you have a partner who does all of the child-rearing. Chiron in the 11th can feel unloved and unappreciated by traditional groups.

      However, the individual may be drawn to rescue or humanitarian groups or groups that champion the underdog. Yet, you were born near the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, a highly expansive alignment, portending a special destiny in consciousness expansion — Self through travel and direct-experience education not living in books and then through expanding consciousness of others, based upon your own experiences. The Esoteric Purpose of Sagittarius is to ground the ideals in practical experiences. Sag can live in a world of theories and become very discontented with life.

      Saturn in the 1st can help you take the initiative in grounding ideals. It is actually a Self-Centered 7-year period — life really should be lived on your own terms. BUT , with the Stellium in the 1st, your ideals need to be directed to service to others expanding consciousness.

      THis can only happened when Saturn crosses your Saturn in Scorpio. Moon-Saturn in the 12th is square Transpluto so the fear of criticism and being very self-conscious suppresses emotions.