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Here we offer what will and hold for the born Rat in wealth, Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 2, and .

About mid month you could get snippy and piss off the wrong person. A streak of good luck comes later on, and you end the month in an ugly scene with an important person. Sounds like a party to me! This could be a really good time for some of you. You may be able to achieve some long awaited goals in an unanticipated way or with help from an unexpected source, or from an older person. So, be nice to Senior Citizens this month.

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Some of you may feel more intuitive than usual; since a lot of you think you already have the direct pipeline to the All Mighty, this is a pretty scary thought. I have good news and bad news. Some of you have good luck coming your way and everything will work out to your advantage. If you take offense, arguments are possible, especially with older people. Not a lot is happening early in the month except for those born near the cusp of Sagittarius. After that, most of you will appear sweet, charming and refined.

Then, you can look forward to some relationship problems for the next few months.

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Happy Halloween! Not much is happening this month, so why not throw yourself a huge, drunken brawl for your Birthday.

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You should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the occasion, so kick your shoes off, let your hair down and have a ball-literally! Insights are possible at this time, provided you can manage to turn off that little tape player in your brain.

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  4. Then, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Sagittarius cuspers will be more organized and disciplined. It may feel like the cosmos is arranging things to your advantage. Other than that, most of you will have a pretty laid back month. Some of you will be in a very loose and easy mood which could be dangerous since some of you are pretty loose and easy as it is and you may want to wait up for Santa on the off chance that you can score a poke in the whiskers! Merry Christmas! Eighth Sign of the Zodiac is Watery Scorpio and you possess a deep, complex and intense personality.

    With strong likes and dislikes, an opinion on most subjects; you are a determined individual. With a large personal space, you can appear secretive, but you are often affected by the power that you feel from others. Your self driven approach to life is to never give in, or even show signs of weakness.

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    You aim this at achieving personal goals. At some point in life will come a need to let go of old hurts and allow a complete transformation of self to take place. Mythically Pluto is a stern, dark-haired figure robed in black, riding a chariot pulled by black horses. His kingdom was that of the underworld where no mortal return.

    Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21

    Only he sought to penetrate the mysteries of life and death. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign. The Symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion. Consider the lifestyle of this creature, designed to lead a solitary life. The Moon in Aquarius could very well put you in a dilemma today. We recommend the color purple for you; try to use this color to channel positive vibrations. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi!

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    Scorpio daily horoscope - 9 October Scorpio daily love horoscope - 31 May Scorpio daily health horoscope - 9 October Scorpio daily finance horoscope - 9 October It promises a Wednesday of promotions and successes in everything you do, Scorpio. You and your partner are amicably discussing plans for the near future, but disagreements may arise regarding the place where you intend to live within some time, either with the parents, or alone. It is necessary to make a good choice.

    Save and save something for the future because you are under the temptation to spend and consume. A little precaution will not hurt at all and in case of emergency you would have a fund available, and in a short time a good investment opportunity will be presented.

    Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

    Love What is coming to your life inspires you remarkably. You aspire to live in harmony and you sow the good word. Bet on the sky to please your children, your parents and to live in peace with your partner, whatever the pressures or external disturbances …. Single: If you are alone, do not decline any invitation. It is quite possible, that on the occasion of a trip with friends, a dinner, you meet the one who will accompany you now.

    Scorpio and Capricorn Nature and Nuances

    Your usual circle is gathered around you and its warmth, its presence fills you. Today you can adapt to any situation. Put your ideas and opinions on the table. Whether you are a couple or not, it is likely that today you feel like flirting with everything that crosses your path. Keep the atmosphere light and spontaneous.